#VWRadio’s Most Requested Songs of 2019

We launched Virtuosity Worldwide Radio in the summer of 2019, and added our Request Line in October of 2019. In the last three months of 2019, listeners requested more than 50 different songs. Here are the Top 20 MOST REQUESTED songs of 2019 on VW Radio.


“Dreamcatcher” by Sub-Radio


“Knights To Come” by the Nashville Non Prophets


“Stars Made Of You” by Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real


“Bird On A Wire” by Dave Jordan


“420 Girl” by the Black Cadillac Kings


“Natural Man” by Griffin House


“Before You”  Charlie John


“See The Light” by The Como Brothers


“Clearance Bin” by Taylor Scott Band


“Tell Everyone” by South To Cedars


“You’ll See” by Cass Clayton


“Beauty & Ruin” by David Starr


“Cocaine & Whiskey” by Them Dirty Roses


“Wild” by Mike Bauer


“Hangin’ On” by Electric Mud


“House Of The Rising Sun” by Pam Taylor


“All My Friends” by The Revivalists


“City Of Love” by Kerry Pastine & The Crime Scene


“Tom Petty T-Shirt” by the Bacon Brothers

The #1 MOST-REQUESTED  SONG of 2019 is “Hope Comes In” by Ava Paige


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Here’s the full Spotify playlist of the Top 20 Most Requested songs of 2019 on VW Radio.