#VOTW: The Band Of Heathens “Today Is Our Last Tomorrow”

Austin-based, The Band Of Heathens, is working on their new album, Stranger, set for release on September 25, 2020 and have just released their first single “Today Is Our Last Tomorrow,” an irreverent look at this crazy year, so far.

This had to be our choice for Video Of The Week because we are all in need of some musical/comical relief, and the Heathens deliver both in this amazing song and video. 

“This song is a look at our obsession, both as a culture and within the media, with doom and gloom, say The Heathens of the new song in a recent Facebook post. “If you’re watching the network news channels, it seems like the world is going to end once or twice a week. They’re constantly fanning the fires of division, with hardly a mention of the daily triumphs and victories.”

Animation was done by L.A.’s Josh Clark of Josh Clark Studios.