#VOTW: See The Powerful New Video By The Nashville Non Prophets

The Nashville Non Prophets have taken the Music City by storm, since forming just a couple years ago.

Playing shows at some of the best local venues such as The Local, The Boro Bar & Grill and many others, as well area festivals, such as American Day Music Festival & Car Show in Watertown, Tennessee coming up this Saturday, June 8th. Click here for more info: EVENT DETAILS

Mitch Laney (vocals/bass), Johnny Beemiler (guitar), Viva McQueen (guitar) and Scott Kirk (drums/vocals) have been working tirelessly on the writing and recording of their debut EP that, as of now, has no official release date. 

However, we can tell you that there are some exciting things in the works, and the band will hopefully have some major announcements to share with all of us, in the very near future.

In the meantime, check out the hauntingly poignant new video for their upcoming single, “Beautifully Broken” and be sure to follow the Nashville Non Prophets for all the latest.