#VOTW: Rob Drabkin “Two Left Feet”

#VWRadio’s Video Of The Week is “Two Left Feet” by Colorado-native, Rob Drabkin. The video for Drabkin’s newest single, is a tribute to Bob Ross and his “happy little trees.” 


Although Drabkin is now a stellar singer, songwriter, and performer, music wasn’t  the original plan for his life. Drabkin studied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with the intention of becoming a doctor, but his focus quickly changed after a trip to New York City where he dropped science and dedicated himself to music.

Photo credit: Kit Chalberg

We are still in awe of Drabkin’s recent album Beautiful Day, released in March of 2018. Beautiful Day is full of positive messages much needed in this world we’re living in, and we are spinning all tracks from this amazing album on #VWRadio. Drabkin’s new single “Two Left Feet” is a joyful track, reminding us to turn up the song inside of us. 

In a recent Facebook post, Drabkin said of the new song, “The title makes me laugh and that’s exactly the point. It’s about being unapologetically yourself and embracing your flaws. It’s about finding movement, beauty, activism, and love. It’s about releasing your inhibitions as you come home to yourself.”

The new track “Two Left Feet” is now spinning on #VWRadio, as well. You can now request all of Rob Drakin’s tunes via our REQUEST LINE.

Find out more about Rob Drabkin here: www.RobDrabkin.com and follow him on social media via the links below.

Photo credit: Scott McCormick