#VOTW: Jimmy Mowery “Coming Attraction”

You may recognize Jimmy Mowery, from the most recent season of The voice, but he’s been making music for quite some time. 

Jimmy’s father, quit music and got a “real job,” when Jimmy was born. On Thanksgiving morning, when Jimmy was only eleven, someone broke into the home, and murdered Jimmy’s father in front of his family.

Through the aftermath, Jimmy picked up his father’s guitar, as a way to honor him, and worked through his grief through music.

Despite the tragic beginning to Jimmy’s music career, he has made great strides. He started playing in his first band at age 15, and made music his full-time profession after graduating high school.

Jimmy currently makes his home in Myrtle Beach, with his wife, and does hundreds of live shows each year.

“Coming Attraction” is the first single off his upcoming EP.