#VOTW – I’ll Meet You There By Ben Phantom

We’ve chosen “I’ll Meet You There” by Ben Phantom as our Video Of The Week. The song is beautiful, dark, and poignant, and the video displays the song perfectly. Be sure to subscribe to Ben’s YouTube channel, so you can enjoy all of his amazing music and videos.

Ben​ ​Phantom ​is​ a​ ​​songwriter, videographer, multi instrumentalist, music producer, traveler, and long distance hiker. His path, carved by music, has taken him from the North American wilderness to Vietnam, Cambodia, Israel, Central America, and finally to his mountain home in Asheville, North Carolina.  Phantom ​is​ ​a passionate​ ​and​ ​captivating​ performer​ ​who​ ​writes​ ​from​ ​the​ ​heart​, ​speaks ​to​ ​the​ ​soul, and never forgets to find the humor in life. He believes that we heal each other through building community, developing deep relationships, and being of service.

Ben’s father’s family escaped the Vietnam War, and his mother’s family survived the Holocaust.  As a Vietnamese Jewish American, Phantom uses his music to bridge cultural barriers, honor the past, and create a better future.  He carries a strong message of hope and resilience; his mission is to tell stories that heal and create sustainable community.

“When we take vulnerable and creative risks, we invite others to show us their true selves. I’d like to show some love to the artists whose work has given me the courage and inspiration to make “I’ll Meet You There,” writes Ben, in a recent Facebook post. “The music of Dermot Kennedy, Asgeir, and Ben Platt has deeply challenged my songwriting and production techniques. Cloud Atlas, Sense8, and the cinematic storytelling of the Wachowskis has shown me the limitless possibilities that the camera can unlock. “


“The dancing and choreography of Talia Favia, Erica Klein, Sean Lew, Philip Chleeb, Renee Lester, Amanda Cathey, and Larkin Poynton has uprooted and changed my entire reality- I never knew the human body could move in such beautiful and improbable ways. These innovators have given me more than I can express in words, and my greatest hope is that my work will help others find the courage to unapologetically be themselves. “

To find out more about Ben, his other music and concert dates, visit his official website at www.BenPhantom.com