#VOTW: David Starr “Beauty and Ruin”

Colorado resident David Starr’s most recent project, Beauty and Ruin, is a musical and literary adventure, produced and arranged by John Oates and co-produced by himself and David Kalmusky

Beauty and Ruin is a collection of songs inspired by Of What Was, Nothing Is Left, a novel written by Starr’s grandfather in 1972, which he plans to re-publish. 

Starr’s new single and video, is the title track off his upcoming album, set for an early 2020 release.

“On ‘Beauty and Ruin’ my co-writer, Dana Cooper, and I wanted to capture the essence of the story we drew inspiration from for this song: one of love, loss, and tragedy set in the 1890s South,” Starr tells Ditty TV. “Our video director, Jason Denton of Nashville, had a clear vision for how this song should be portrayed, and I think he nailed it. It was shot entirely in the area near my home in western Colorado. John Oates (Hall & Oates) produced this record and urged us to try and capture the cinematic feel and sound of the song in whatever filming and editing style we chose. The song has a certain flow to it that Jason really went after. A good example of that is the fact that there are really no hard cuts in the piece, but lots of long, dreamy changes of scenery hinting at the passage of time.” 

Photo credit: Jason Denton

It’s easy to see why “Beauty and Ruin” is our choice here at #VWRadio for Video Of The Week. We’ve also added this touching and poignant song to our regular rotation, and will most definitely be adding the rest of the album’s tracks once they’re released.

Stay tuned!