#NowSpinning On #VWRadio: V Transmission

We first heard V-Transmission on our weekly Friday-morning podcast, Eye On Jamz, powered by Ion Indie Magazine, and hosted by Tim Board. We totally dig V-Tranmission’s psychedelic  eighties vibe, and had to add them to our licensed library. 

Now in rotation here at #VWRadio, are the supercool tracks – “Sold To Love,” “No More Lights,” “Silence The Guns,” and “Red Cherry Smiles,” off of their debut album, Coma.

The band have been around a long time predominantly as the song writing project of duo Andy Boucher and John Anson formerly of  (Out of The Blue, Cobra Verde). It was only in 2016 with the addition of Pete Moran on bass guitars, Mick Bedford ( The Wedding Present, Chumbawumba)  on drums and percussion was added, that, a new live energy and abstract image brought the band to life with the extra visual and performance dimensions that was missing from the restrictions of V-Transmission as a solo/duo performance. And so the formation is now complete,  with this inclusion of musicians with similar tastes and influences.

V-Transmission is:

Andy Boucher – Vocals/Guitars/Keyboards

John Anson   Vocals/ Lead Guitar/Keyboards

Pete Moran, Bass Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals

Mick Bedford, Drums/Percussion

V-Transmission always strives to recapture and deliver the sounds and visual excitement and energy, of what seems to be currently missing with some of the more modern established artists. The band likes to treat the fans to a full-on show with dreamy stage sets, ethereal and soaring anthemic  songs, with a musical fusion of synthesized glory, tribal industrial drum beats, grinding bass riffs, searing guitars and lacerating lyrics. Demo tracks can be heard on the band’s website,  www.vtransmission.com and followed on Facebook,ReverbNation, and Twitter.