#NowSpinning On #VWRadio: The Lately

We have been following and promoting The Lately from Appleton, WI for several years now. And we’re excited to announce that several of The Lately’s tracks have been added t our licensed library. Including “Hard Enough,” “Behind The Scenes,” “Side Of The Shoulder,” and “Look So Pretty.”

The Lately is:

Samuel Farrell – Vocals, Guitars
Ryan Eick – Guitars
Mark Marsh – Drums
Mike VanSchyndel – Bass

The four met at a party in Madison. People kept telling them they looked like a band, so they started one a few days later. 

The Lately is a high-energy indie rock outfit built around memorable songwriting and a muscular rhythm section. The band avoids the pomp and pretentiousness the permeates the genre—focusing instead on boisterous hooks and raucous celebration. The unique voice of Samuel and melodic guitar work of Ryan has earned the band radio play throughout the country, while the focused songwriting and rowdy stage show has earned them the respect of fans and contemporaries.

“We’re really just out to prove that rock and roll can be fun and still be clever and sophisticated,” explains Samuel, a sentiment the band thrives on.

Find out more about The Lately, at their official webiste: www.TheLately.com.