#NowSpinning on #VWRadio: Music City’s Own Bradford Loomis

Meet our newest Virtuoso – Nashville-based Bradford Loomis. All tracks from his most recent album, Where The Light Ends, released Fall 2019, have been added to the #VWRadio licensed library, including “Water & Wine,” featuring Kristin Palmer.

“You’re out on the road and you’re having all these experiences and meeting all these incredible people,” Loomis tells Billboard Magazine. “Then I kind of sit in the car for eight hours and reflect on everything. I like to sit in silence as much as I can when I’m on the road, kind of a meditative process. So, I wanted to put together a collection of all these stories and inspirations into one album.” 


Loomis put his dream of creating music on hold for ten years, as he navigated the treacherous waters life sometimes throws at us – he lost his job, his wife was battling a mysterious illness and they eventually lost their home. It was at that point, he went back to music and he threw himself into writing and performing locally. The music Loomis shares with the world is extremely relatable, because he writes from his own personal place of life and loss. Tune into #VWRadio to hear music from Bradford Loomis and visit his official website for more information: www.BradfordLoomis.com