#NowSpinning On #VWRadio: Maurice Sutherst

Newly added to licensed #VWRadio library, is Maurice Sutherst from Northern England. 

I began writing songs and performing in pubs and clubs around the North of England way back in 2001. This led to a meeting with David Wood who was well known for his work with Lindisfarne and Sting and many top artists from the local area, he liked my songs and offered me a recording and publishing contract,” Sutherst writes on his website.

“I gave up the day job and I concentrated writing songs while earning a living from touring throughout the UK,” says Sutherst,” “at that time the internet music scene was in full flow and through a mutual friend I was introduced to Australian producer “Paris kis” we began sending song files and recordings ideas via the internet and we soon found we could work very well collaborating on music projects both writing songs and recording, to date we’ve recorded two great albums. “Now you’re covered” a compilation of cover songs requested at my live gigs and “Mo Blues” all original blues songs as well as  several singles with many more to come.”

Find out more about Maurice Sutherst at his website: http://mauricesutherst.yolasite.com/