#NowSpinning on #VWRadio: L.C. Branch

Our newest addition to the #VWRadio licensed library is L.C. Branch from South Carolina. Branch has been a lifelong music lover.

“I can recall vividly,” Branch says, “the long dusky drives home from my grandparents’ house on Sunday evenings, listening to the sounds of  The Temptations, Martha & the Vandellas, Lil’ Stevie Wonder, and The Drifters on the local oldies station, and falling asleep, watching the moon just outside the window. The drives to church on Sunday mornings were filled with rich harmonies of The Cathedrals, The Gaithers, The Florida Boys, and the occasional Teddy Huffman & The Gems tune,” Branch remembers

Branch began writing poetry at age 12, and it was a natural progression to put those poems to music. 

“I got a guitar for Christmas when I was 16.” Branch says. “Up until that point I had never wanted to play guitar, it really never crossed my mind. But when I strummed my first G chord, something in me came alive.”

“I wrote my first song,”Daddy’s Arms,” about three months after I started playing guitar, and its just kept going.”

Find out more about L.C. Branch at his Reverbnation page here: https://www.reverbnation.com/christopherbranch and follow L.C. on social media via the links below.