#NowSpinning: Between The Sun “Second Chances”

“Second Chances”, the new single by Between The Sun, has just been released, and we’ve added it to regular rotation here at #VWRadio. We’ve also got their first single, “My Kingdom,” spinning as well. Both tracks are from the new album, Tainted Bloodline, set for release on November 1st.

This past summer, we announced the new project by Chris Johnson and Brad Wetmore, previously of Starch Monkey, called Between The Sun. Chris and Brad discussed the new album concept, in great detail, back in August. Click here for the full feature article: The Dawning Of Between The Sun.

“This is the ninth track on the upcoming concept album, Tainted Bloodline, and deals with themes of redemption and getting another chance at life,” says Chris. “We wanted to make sure that the song could resonate within the story of the album as well as on its own.  We think that many people get to a point in life where they feel they need a fresh start, after being beaten down by life.  The main character is at this point in the album, and feels like he is living life just to be redeemed. I think a lot of people can relate to that.”

Find out more about Between The Sun at their website, www.BetweenTheSun.com, and follow them on social media via the links below.