New To #VWRadio: Clandestine Amigo

The single “Unsatisfied” by Clandestine Amigo, was just added into the music library here at #VWRadio. We loved this beautifully poignant track so much, we also purchased their EP, Planted In The Windand have added those six tunes to rotation as well.

Clandestine Amigo is a five-piece R&B/Rock band from Longmont, Colorado, fronted by Jessica Carson (formerly Eppler). Jessica is the songwriter for the band, and mixes darkly poetic lyrics with piano driven riffs. We can’t get enough of Jessica’s hauntingly beautiful vocals.

Clandestine Amigo’s music can only be found on Patreon. They use this exclusive, subscription-based platform to release content, as well as build funds to pay for studio time to keep the creation of new music consistent.