New To #VWRadio: Charlie Millikin’s “We Create” Podcast

We are proud to announce a new addition to the #VWRadio family – Charlie Millikin

Charlie Millikin isn’t just a phenomenal artist we feature here, he started his own podcast in April of 2018, called “We Create”, which celebrates musicians, singers, songwriters, directors, producers – anyone in the entertainment industry.

Over the past year and a half, Charlie has created 15 podcasts featuring other artistic creators, including Ciara Wilson, Josiah Whitley, Kevin Stokley, Simion Collins, Chris Carpenter, Sami Jo Prewitt, Nick Barilla, Dan Hopkins, Stephen Katz, Ethan & Joey, Ben Thornewill, Chandler Carter, Brian Goins, Matt Waters, and David Gans.

Charlie recently made the big move to Los Angeles, and will be releasing new “We Create” episodes beginning Nov. 11th.

If you are creator in the Los Angeles area, and would like to be a guest on Charlie’s podcast, you can contact him directly at his social media links below.

You can hear “We Create” every Thursday evening at 7pm Mountain time, beginning Oct. 10th, right here on #VWRadio. We will air a brand new episode on the first Thursday of every month.

If you love what you hear, and want to support Charlie’s podcast through Anchor – click here.

Charlie Millikin recently added a line to his official bio, that reads: “Releasing a new song EVERY MONTH, until the state of the music industry no longer requires me to, in order to stay relevant.” Whatever his reasons, our listeners are loving the new tunes!

Be sure to follow Charlie on social media, and stay tuned to #VWRadio to hear all of Charlie’s music, including his new releases!

Here’s Charlie’s recent single, “Before You”.