John Mayer: On The Wilder Side Of The Light

It’s late on a Thursday night. I crawl into bed and put Hulu on my laptop. A YouTube notification pops up saying that John Mayer has just released a video for his new single, “Carry Me Away.” So, I put Hulu on hold, and turned on John Mayer. And when I heard the song, it was the other way around.

I’ve been a huge John Mayer fan since Room For Squares, but lately he just keeps outdoing himself. 

Since The Search For Everything came out in 2017, Mayer has only released singles. “The world is changing every four weeks. Three weeks, probably,” said Mayer in an interview with Billboard in November 2018. “So if you’re not putting a song out within a month of you writing it, you’re probably late to your own party of how you saw the world.” 

After releasing “New Light” in 2018, and “I Guess I Just Feel Like” this past February, I thought this has to be it – his peak. No way he can top those incredible songs. 

And then tonight, I watch Mayer cuddle his black lab Moose, and croon the sweetest love song I’ve ever heard.

You’re just the kind of crazy I’ve been looking for . . .

You can’t help but love John’s soulful voice, captivating smile, and comical demeanor, but what sets Mayer apart is the way he sculpts a song, and paints a masterpiece with lyrics. Damn, this man knows how to write a love song. 

For everyone wondering if Mayer ever plans to put out another album, he told his Instagram fans on a Q&A last Wednesday, that he plans to record his next full album in 2020.

You can hear Mayer’s new one, “Carry Me Away,” right here on #VWRadio, along with songs we are proud to spin, from your favorite emerging artists from around the world.

I’m such a bore
I’m such a bummer
There must be more
Behind the summer
I want someone
To make some trouble
Been way to safe
Inside my bubble
Take me out 
And keep me up all night
Let me live
On the wilder side of the light
Carry me away
You carnivore
You loose cannon
Can I have some more?
I can’t understand it
You fast car
You foolish spender
You know you are
And I surrender
So come on over
And wake me up
Put some of your tequila
In my coffee cup
You know I need you
And that’s for sure
You’re just the kind of crazy
I’ve been looking for
Carry me away
(Where the sun hits my face all different)
Carry me away