Independent Or Mainstream: Must We Choose?

For years now, I have been a fierce supporter and promoter of independent musicians. So much so, that I launched my own promotional platform for independent artists – Virtuosity Worldwide LLC, which includes a licensed, internet radio station. 

Since the launch of #VWRadio on May 5, 2019, there has been much discussion between partners, staff and listeners, as to whether or not to include mainstream music in our programming. Several people said they felt that playing mainstream artists is disrespectful to the independent artists, and takes away from their on-air time. A few even said that there is no good music in mainstream, so there’s no reason to play it.

Is this really true?  I, for one, am sick of the segregation in this country and in our world. We are allowing so many things to separate us – social status, religion, politics. Do we really want to add music to that list? Music – one of the few things in this world that actually brings people together?

We, here at #VWRadio, are taking a stand on this issue. Good music is good music, and you can find good music, in both independent and mainstream. Although we do not always agree with the way major record labels often control and take from mainstream artists, there is still some amazing music being made through major labels, such as The Chainsmokers, Kings Of Leon, Charlie Puth, John Mayer, James Blunt, Kelly Clarkson, and the list goes on.

The first priority and major mission of Virtuosity Worldwide LLC, is to support and promote independent artists, in as many ways as possible. The first priority of #VWRadio, is to create a station that people want to listen to. That means, spinning the best music from both independent and mainstream artists. And since we’ve been doing that, we’ve had several independent artists comment with excitement, “I just heard my new blues track sandwiched between Eric Clapton and Kenny Wayne Shephard!!” 

When I polled the independent artists on my friends list recently, and asked if they would accept a major label record deal, the answers were a bit surprising. 60% said Yes, depending on the label and the terms of the contract, 20% said absolutely Yes and 20% said No. So, 80% of today’s independent artists would take a major label deal if the terms were agreeable.

The fact is, the chances of any independent artist being signed to a major label are rare, no matter how good they are. That’s why our main focus here at Virtuosity Worldwide is, and always will be, to support and promote today’s emerging artists.

Our hope is that listeners will tune in to hear the amazing new track from Bonnie Raitt and Sheryl Crow, and then fall in love with, and become fans of Pam Taylor, Emily Cole, Jess Weimer and Cat Beach. Or maybe they’ll tune in hoping to hear a song off the new Bruce Springsteen album, and then start following Charlie Millikin, Jared Deck, Jimmy Mowery, Rob Drabkin, and other amazing artists they wouldn’t have heard otherwise.

If you want to hear great music of all genres and generations, that appeals to the mature adult listener, then tune into our licensed, 24/7 stream at You can also hear some great podcasts, and live shows with chat room, hosted by entertaining DJs, and all featuring the best music from today’s emerging artists. For programs and times, check our schedule.

At #VWRadio, you don’t have to choose. Just listen.