In A World Of Darkness, Ava Paige Chooses Hope

Full of wisdom and guitar licks beyond her years, young Nashville native, Ava Paige, and her music is a bright shining light in an all too often dark world. 

Ava’s love of entertaining started around the age of ten, when she sang karaoke with the one and only Kelly Clarkson, and there’s been no stopping her since.

Her brand new release, “Hope Comes In”, is a testament to Ava’s strength and tenacity, as she fights her battle with leukemia.

In the the midst of her cloudy turmoil of chemo and hospital rooms, Ava has managed to lift herself out of her suffering, and use her beautiful voice, as a gift of hope to the world. 

“No matter how your story looks

Well there’s still chapters left in your book

Just when you think you’ve reached the end

That’s when hope comes in.”

If you’re in the Nashville area, be at The Local tonight (Oct. 12th), as a host of amazing local musicians offer performances to raise money to help pay for Ava’s medical expenses.

“Hope Comes In” is now in the #VWRadio library, and you can request it anytime, with our request line on our home page.

Find out more about Ava at her website – Ava Paige Music, and follow her via her social media links below.

If you aren’t in Nashville tonight, here’s another way you can support Ava and her family. Click here: SUPPORT AVA PAIGE