Get Your Tunes On-Air

Here at #VWRadio, we believe artists should be paid to be played. That’s why, we are now licensed directly through these Performance Rights Organization – Sound Exchange, BMI, ASCAP and SESAC.

In that same spirit, we offer two choices to emerging artists, that are interested in being considered for airplay here at #VWRadio.

If you would like to be paid monetarily, you can give us your preferred platform, for us to purchase your music.

Or, you can submit your mp3s for consideration of airplay, and in return (if you are chosen for airplay), we will write a short feature on you/your band announcing your addition to the #VWRadio family. The feature will be published both on the #VWRadio blog, and in our Arts & Entertainment Magazine.

Either way, we want to be sure the artists we spin are compensated, in some way, for their talent and hard work. If you’re an emerging artist, interested in being considered for airplay here at #VWRadio, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you soon.

*Please note: Instead of the term “independent artist”, we here at Virtuosity Worldwide, use the term “emerging artist” instead, because with the VW team standing behind you, you aren’t “independent” anymore. :)1


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