Five Reasons You Should Be Listening To #VWRadio

There are lots of reasons you should be listening to #VWRadio – Here are the Top Five.


1.) #VWRadio spins all genres of music

#VWRadio is licensed and we feature music of all genres, so you get the best of all musical worlds. From blues to rock to country to pop – you’ll never get bored listening to #VWRadio.

2.) #VWRadio features the best music from independent artists

Virtuosity Worldwide LLC is on a mission to support and promote the best music from unsigned artists. There are thousands of amazing unsigned artists around the world, that are longing for airplay. We feature the best and brightest of these amazing artists.

Here's just a few of the amazing indpendent artists we feature
Here's just a few of the legendary artists that have released NEW music, you can now hear right here on #VWRadio

3.) #VWRadio features NEW music from legendary artists.

Remember your favorite bands and artists from your youth? Well, many of those legendary artists are still releasing  amazing new music! We are proud to feature new music from your favorite legendary artists.

4) #VWRadio features select mainstream artists

Our number one priority at Virtuosity Worldwide LLC is, and will always be, supporting and promoting independent artists.

That being said, we are creating a station that people want to listen to. We are tired of the segregation between mainstream and unsigned artists, and in our country as a whole. So, although our mission is to support independent artists, we also feature a select few mainstream artists to round out our library and increase listenership. We don’t believe this takes anything away from the independent artists we serve. On the contrary, we believe it gives our independent artists some valuable credibility to be played alongside outstanding mainstream artists. These mainstream artists were chosen because they also support independent artists, either through their record¬† labels or while on tour.

Here are a select few mainstream artists we feature on #VWRadio. All of these artists show open support of independent artists and we appreciate that!

5.) #VWRadio now takes requests!

Wanna hear the new single from your favorite indie artist? Or maybe you wanna hear a new tune off Bruce Springsteen’s new album? Hit up our request line – every third song played on the 24/7 stream is a request!

Want to make a request? Click here: VW Radio Request Line