Emily Cole Makes A Beautiful Thing Out Of “Dead Feelings”

Emily Cole, the charismatic songstress based in Houston, Texas, is claiming her rightful spot in the pop music world this year, with her latest release, “Dead Feelings”, released on March 15th.

The strength and purity of Emily’s voice, tricks you into thinking she’s much older than she is. Already accomplished at playing guitar, ukulele, keyboard, bass and mandolin, Emily has also revealed her immeasurable talent as a song writer.

Emily Cole’s self-titled debut album was released in 2015 and since then she’s released several amazing singles, and “Dead Feelings” is definitely one of our favorites.

Check out one of Emily’s live performances around the Houston area. This weekend, she plays her first show at SXSW in Austin at Guerro’s Taco Bar. Congrats Emily – we have no doubt this is only the beginning of your unstoppable career!



Producer: Eddie Ferguson (insta: @walkoneproductions)

Engineer: Jack Little (website: mixedbyjack.com

 insta: @mixed_by_jack)